About Associationline

is an interactive guide to freedom of association for government authorities and civil society. It provides direct access to key principles and international standards relating to freedom of association, with a special focus on NGOs. It also gathers relevant jurisprudence and offers examples of good practices of NGO legislation across the OSCE region.

AssociatiOnline offers policy-makers, legislators as well as civil society representatives all necessary resources and references to advocate for, initiate  and/or bring legislation and practices in compliance with OSCE commitments and international standards on freedom of association.

AssociatiOnline is a living tool, constantly developing through contributions of its users. You can share examples of good practices or challenges with ODIHR by clicking on Submit Information

How to use AssociatiOnline

AssociatiOnline compiles key principles, international standards and good practices relating to freedom of association/NGOs. This information is divided into 17 topics, which are all structured in the same manner.

  • The Introduction sets out key principles applicable under the topic.
  • The International Standards section quotes international standards and soft law relevant to the topic.
  • The Jurisprudence section gathers mostly European Court on Human Rights and Human Rights Committee case law.
  • National legislation respecting international standards and OSCE commitments relevant to this topic are reported in the Good practices section.
  • Finally, the Challenges section provides frequent issues that prevent the proper implementation of international standards and OSCE commitments.

The overall content of these sections can be discovered by clicking on the red buttons at the top of each page.

The 17 topics are the following:

The Submit Information form allows you to contribute to AssociatiOnline by sharing examples of good practices or challenges with ODIHR. You can also give us your feedback about AssociatiOnline by using the same form.

In More, you will find External Links to ODIHR partners and other relevant stakeholders working with and advocating for freedom of association, as well as Resources on NGOs – reports, guidelines, toolkits and relevant materials published by ODIHR and other stakeholders.

Finally, the Search option allows you to look for a specific keyword in one or several topic(s) or in the whole website.

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